Library Joke Competition Winners

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Laura Selvaggi of 12D. 

Q. How does a butcher introduce his wife?

A. Meet Patty.


Lachlan Currie of 7B2

There was a balloon man living in a balloon world.  One day he decided to take a pin to the school.  Later that day he was called to the Principal’s office as he was very cross.  The Principal said “You’ve let me down, you’ve let yourself down, but most of all you’ve let the whole school down”.


Special mentions also go out to the following people whose jokes put a smile on our faces even though they didn’t win the competition.

Alana Williamson of 12A

Q.What did the detective do when he didn’t believe the librarian’s story?

A. He booked her!

Jack Phelan of 12A

Q. Did you hear about the zoo that only had one dog?

A.  It was a shih tzu.

Okan Yilmazer of 12D

Q. Why did the M&M go to school?

A.  To become a smartie.

Jordan Thorpe of 7B2

Q.  What did the pirate watch at the movies?

A.  He watched a rated arrrghh movie!

Andrew Mudgway drom 10 D1

Q. Why did the bike fall over?

A.  Because it was too tired.

Robert Healy of 10 D1

Q. What does a dinosaur use to floor his house?

A. Rep-tiles!

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