Urban Fantasy

Have you heard of the literary genre Urban Fantasy? One of
our Year 11 students told us about this new sub-genre.
Urban Fantasy is a sub-genre of Fantasy that includes
esteemed and hugely popular youth fiction authors J.K.
Rowling, Michael Grant, and Cassandra Clare. Urban fantasy
novels have supernatural and magical elements in common
with their parent genre, but are usually set in urban,
contemporary and real-world environments.
Good Reads, the online book club has a good summary of the
genre. Enthusiastic book clubbers have added videos,
comments and formed online groups tagged Urban Fantasy.
Check it out.

New books in popular series’ available now in the Library

If you’ve enjoyed a series such as I Am Number 4 and want to read the next book, we do our absolute best to get them in for you as soon as they are published.  Check out the following new released books in the corresponding series now available for borrowing in the Library.

Halo ; bk. 3

The Lorien Legacies ; bk. 3

Pure ; bk. 2

The Lorien Legacies

The Heist Society ; bk. 3