Student’s Short Story Published

How excited were we to find out that our Year 11 student Thierry, had a short story recently published in OZ Kids!  In the words of our English Faculty Leader Ms Thaw :

to Thierry who recently had his short story ‘The narrator’ published in
Oz Kids in print. A humorous, well crafted story that delves into the power of
the pen.  To read his story follow this

Well done Thierry!

Staff Reader of the Month for July

Sue Bickerstaff . . . . .  Admin Assistant and First Aide since 2000

What was the last book you read?

“The Cat’s Table” by Michael Ondaatje


What book are you reading now?

” The Better Angels of Our Nature “

by  Steven Pinker


Why do you like reading and /or why do you think it’s important?

“  Reading has the ability to take you to another time and place. If the writing is beautifully crafted the author can immerse  you in the story, all while sitting on the tram or on the couch. Novels can expose you to new cultures, politics and ideologies while biographies can be inspiring. Reading non-fiction occasionally is a great way to keep your brain afloat and fortunately there are lots of writers who can make science  and   history enticing . Discussing books with friends is almost as good as  the actual reading. It’s amazing to hear the varied reactions that a group of people have to the same book. Sharing   your  thoughts with others  seems to be a good way of distilling your own ideas and beliefs”.


Student Reader of the Month for July

Alex  from yr 11

What  book are you reading now?

” The Ranger’s Apprentice ” Series

    by John Flannagan


 What was the last book you read?

” The Pendragon ” Series

 by D.J. MacHale


Why do you think reading is  important or why do you like reading?

 “I enjoy reading because it is a great hobby to have instead of just watching TV or playing video games all the time. It’s something I never get sick of. I think reading is important because it broadens your mind.When reading a good book you’ll never know when you’ll stop”.