Student Reader of the Month for October

Christina . . . .    Yr 10

What are book you reading now?

“The Crane Wife”  by  Patrick Ness


What was the last book you read?

“The Moth Diaries” by Rachael Klein


Why do you like reading and/or why do you think it’s important?

  “ I like reading because it is great. It’s just a really good past time that has the added benefit of making you smarter. You get different perspectives and ideas that can change the way you think, and that’s really exciting. You can learn so much about the world without having to do anything. It’s also really fun when you can discuss a book with someone else who has read it, or when you recommend a book to someone and they love it just as much as you did. It’s important to read because it is very rewarding and entertaining. Another thing I like about reading is when I get really into a story and I just can’t stop reading until I finish the book. I think people who don’t read are missing out.”

Staff Reader of the Month for October

Paul Shevchuk –   English and SOSE teacher from 1981

         What are you reading now?

  “Borderland: A journey through the history of Ukraine”

  by Anne Reid


What was the last book you read?

“Rubicon: the Triumph and Tragedy of the Roman Republic “

by  Tom Holland


  Why do you like reading and/or why do you think it’s important?

“ Reading is like escaping to places you’d like to be part of, but as you read, you have the security of being safely in bed, or on a couch, in a car or in some other comfortable place. For me, it’s adventure and information. There’s also the pleasure of knowing what the eye sees on the page, and the brain can process, is all adding to what you understand the world to be (and how it once was). Love ‘history’ books – non-fiction and fiction. Love the stories, the characters who came before us, the things they did to themselves and each other.  A student once said to me – “History creates the future”. She was right. The more I read just confirms her belief. That’s why reading is important.”