Student Reader of the Month for August

Yunus . . . . Year 7

How often do you like to read?          

“I like to read when I’m in bed and at school at lunchtime and recess. I also read whenever there’s a new book around.”

What do you like to read ?

 “ I will read whatever someone gives me, because usually people know which books I love more than I do. But if I had to choose I’d say fantasy books.”

List one book that has left a lasting impression on you and  explain why it’s memorable . . . . .

“One book that is really special to me is “Momo” by Michael Ende. It is about a girl who has the skill to listen really well and when the world is in danger she saves it. I love the book because it was given to me by a dear friend , and I will miss her dearly.”





Staff Reader of the Month for August


Claire Feain  . . . . . English and Philosophy teacher at SSC since 2009

How often do you like to read?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 “ I love to read, so I try to read something ‘enjoyable’ every day. I try to squeeze in at least ten minutes reading every day.”

What do you like to read?                                                                          

I like all books and literary magazines, though I especially like creative non-fiction . . . . authors like Joyce Carol Oats or Joan Didion are amazing. I also love local publications  like “Overland” or “The Lifted Brow”. It’s always great reading about local  issues and ideas.”

List one book that has left a lasting impression on you and explain why it’s memorable. .

“One of my favourite books is “Dead Europe” by Christos Tsiolkas. He is a phenomenal writer, and after reading this book, I’ve either bought it or given it to so many friends and family.     




Student Reader of the Month for July

Alexandra. . .yr 9

How often do you like to read?

“I read everyday, but that can depend on the amount of homework that is needed to be completed or out of school events. On average, I read nearly two books a week, depending on other activities. Overall, I try to read as much as I can.”

What do you like to read ?

   “ I like to read fiction novels of fantasy, mystery, thriller and romance. Fantasy is probably my favourite type, as it is often a mix of adventure, mystery and romance — all the themes I love. I enjoy a bit of mystery every now and then, as I am intrigued by the suspense that it involves. Thrillers are a great read every now and again because of the rush of suspense, shock and puzzle that solving it entails.”

List one book that has left a lasting impression on you and   explain why it’s memorable .

 “Although this is embarrassing, “Twilight Saga” is the series that has affected me the most . . . . I always wanted to avoid these books, however my teacher Ms Thaw recommended “Twilight “ to me. I thought I’d give it a go and was absolutely enthralled by it. I was so surprised by this sudden affection for a book, as I was never much of a reader. Reading this four book series in three weeks ( an achievement for me. . . it used to take at least three months for me to finish one novel)   I realized that reading was actually very entertaining. From then on, reading has become one of my top hobbies.


Staff Reader of the Month for July

Peter Woodhams   

Science and Philosophy Teacher at SSC since 1997

How often do you like to read?

” To be honest not as often as I would like but I really enjoy reading on a daily basis”

What do you like to read?

“I really enjoy well written essays in journals eg The New Yorker, the New Yorker Review of Books and scientific journals such as New Scientist. As for books , I really enjoy those that combine my passions for history, science, travel and philosophy.”

List one book that has left a lasting impression on you and explain why it’s memorable.

“Many books have left lasting impressions on me but three come to mind . . . .        

“The Origin of Species” by Charles Darwin: the scope of this book never ceases to amaze me. Darwin travels the globe collecting, classifying and analysing individual biological specimens and draws the connections necessary to suggest that they have evolved through natural selection. . .  a force that not only drives evolution but has occurred without reference to man or God, a not very popular idea in 1859! If ever there was a book that changed the world this has to be it!



“The Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R Tolkein:

I first read this book ( almost in one sitting) as a young high school student over the holidays. I literally couldn’t put it down. I lived and breathed  the world he created so well. I have re-read it probably about every 7 years since that time when I was about 14 years of age. It sparked my interest in history, anthropology and storytelling.



“The Secret River” by Kate Grenville:

This is a disturbing book that made me think again about the colonisation of Australia and the impacts this had on the original inhabitants of what came to be called Australia as well as the struggles of those who settled here and carved out a life in what to them must have seemed like a different planet. To me, she suggests that the “secrets” of the colonisation of Australia are visible psychic scars we all bear to this day.”