Staff Reader of the Month for October


“Jo Norrish. . . . . . Maths and Informatics teacher at SSC since 2008

How often do you like to read?                                                          

“I’d like to say I read often- but I don’t. I tend to get hooked by a book (or an author) and spend several hours at once reading to finish the book (series…). This usually only happens on school holidays (and sometimes weekends too).”

What do you like to read?

     I like to read so many types of books. Most recently I have read Geraldine Brook’s “Caleb’s Crossing”,  “Year of Wonders” and the best of the three novels, “People of the Book”. They have historical settings (early settlement in America, time of the plague and several centuries ago to present day). She really makes the characters and the times come alive- and all of this mixed with murder, or intrigue or relationship. I can’t wait – as she has a new book out at the end of this month called “The Secret Chord” something about King David’s life (from The Bible). Other Authors I have enjoyed are Le Carre – “The Little Drummergirl” ,  Ludlum- especially “The Bourne Identity” , Meyers– “The Twilight Series”, Rowling- “The Harry Potter” Series, and Cornwall– the lot of them.



List one book that has left a lasting impression on you, and why it’s so memorable

“Several books have left a lasting impression on me –        

“The Hobbit” J.R.R.Tolkien

“The Shipping News”  Annie Proulx

“The Lonely Passion Of Judith Hearne”  Brian Moore

“My Father’s Glory” Marcel Pagnol

“My Mother’s Castle”  Marcel Pagnol

                  to name a few

The one book I like to return to is “Ethan Frome” by Edith Wharton. It’s a small book. I like this book for its language (and I’m a maths teacher!). I like it because it is almost so depressing, yet amazing and shocking. I never picked the ending – (It always feels good when a book does that to me). It’s written by a woman (and she was not expected to write nor encouraged).

And a FUN FACT– Her maiden name is Jones- she’s from the Joneses family (i.e. Keep up with the Joneses).”