Eleni Hale wins the 2019 Readings Young Adult Prize

The winner of the 2019 Readings Young Adult Book Prize is Stone Girl by Eleni Hale.

Stone Girl follows Sophie, a vulnerable yet resilient girl who becomes a ward of the state following the sudden death of her mother. As she falls into a system meant to help, Sophie quickly realises that the foster system is where Australia’s kids fall through the cracks. Kicking around from home to home, Sophie forms a broken family with Gwen, Matty and the intoxicating, destructive Spiral – fellow casualties of abuse and neglect. Together, and apart, they struggle against a system which promised safety, but swallowed them whole. Eleni Hale delivers a raw dose of reality to her readers with tender yet unflinching prose, and deftly navigates the intricate violence of broken systems and the truths lived by Australia’s foster youth. Stone Girl is earth-shattering and essential reading

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