About The Library Staff

Name:  Michael

Star Sign: Scorpio

Favourite Book : Emma by Jane Austen

Favourite Movie/TV Show: Blade Runner

Favourite Holiday Destination : Barcelona

Favourite footy team: Arsenal FC


Name: Aneta

Star Sign: Cancer

Favourite Book: The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas

Favourite Movie: My Cousin Vinny ; Dazed and Confused

Favourite song/artist: Last Goodbye by Jeff Buckley

Favouite Holiday Destination: Paris

Favourite AFL Team : Carlton


Name: Wendy

Star Sign: Libra

Favourite Book: A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

Favourite Movie: The Green Mile ; Paulie

Favourite TV Show: Big Love

Favourite holiday destination: Anywhere away from crowds!

Which five people would be your ideal dinner guests? Bette Midler, John F. Kennedy, Robin Williams, Jason Gilkinson, Barry Humphries.

One thought on “About The Library Staff

  1. I love Anne Tyler and Tim Winton and yes I do read proper literature, but lately I have been reading a few books from… (gasp) Marianne Keyes! My MUM says this is not a ‘proper’ book but how is his any more ‘proper’ than the Stieg Larsson series?! I just finished a book by Marianne Keyes called This Charming Man which was like no other I have ever read…4 separate stories written in completely different styles (one was a very serious and depressing drama about an alcoholic wife and mother who was loosing everything, one was written in a casual, conversational style and was almost a comedy about about a young girl, and so on…) In the end all the stories joined and it was a great book! SO, the moral of this story…don’t be a literary snob! (Especially when you read Stieg Larsson)!

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