Blog Introduction

Welcome staff and students  to our “Glamis Hub” blog. 

The art of “blogging” has become increasingly  popular over time so the library staff at Strathmore have decided to embrace the trend and move forward with the use of Web 2.0 tools.

The ultimate aim of this blog is to provide a platform and opportunity for students and staff to share their reading experiences in a safe and fun way by interacting with one another and engaging in discussion about the books they love, hate or those that are just  disappointing.

As well as creating an interest in literature and promoting wider reading we hope that readers will be inspired by  the personal reviews and recommendations posted by others.

The library will also use this blog to disseminate information about current literary events, book awards, author information and fun items of interest.

We invite you all to share the experience with us!

3 thoughts on “Blog Introduction

  1. I love your Blog. Your students and staff are very lucky to have such an innovative library team. Good luck for 2011

  2. Love the blog. People are lucky to have this, some people never get a chance to see a blog! Keep up the good work

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