Blogging Guidelines

We have set a few guidelines to assist you and us in making this blog a secure and friendly forum for the school community.

1. Only use your first name and your school email account when leaving a comment on this blog.  It will be easier for us to identify you.

2. Apart from your first name, never post any other  personal information such as your phone number and home address.

3. Never share your username and passwords with other students.

4. Please refrain from using texting language and shortcuts.  Sorry, we’re a bit old-fashioned like that!

5. Use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

6. Only post information that you would want everyone to read.  Think before you hit Submit!

7. Don’t post information that is not your own.  Certain images and website content are subjected to copyright.

3 thoughts on “Blogging Guidelines

  1. Hi Madi

    When you get a chance come to the circulation desk and speak to one of us about your query.

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